It cleans the asphalt, grease type stains and residues easily. If you need more effective cleaning you can use it with diluting aliphatic solvents.


Physical aspect Liquid
Odour Peculiar
pH 12 ± 0,5
pH 1% 10 ± 0,5

Manual use: Dilute as in the table. Spray the solution with a nebulizer or proportional pump onto the possibly dry surface and rinse immediately and abundantly with a pressure cleaner with cold or hot water.

Type of dirt MANUAL
Dilution with water
Heavy 1:5
Medium 1:10
Light 1:15

Avoid long term contact with aluminum and its alloys. Avoid working in the sun or on hot surface. It is advisable to spread the solution of the product in plentiful and uniform way from the bottom upwards.

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