RUNFILL is an outstanding company in the sector with it’s dynamic team and innovative structure.

RUNFILL formed it’s production and management around the quality standarts of ISO with the mission of presenting high qualified products with low price to it’s customers.Our company, which has 500 m² closed and 500 m² open area, has been manufacturing according to ISO quality standards.

RUNFILL maintains domestic and oversea sales while operatingon the new technological innovations about the subject of improving the sector.

RUNFILL always achieved on keeping satisfaction of the customers with it’s research-development possibilities that is paving the way for product development according to customers desire, support after sale and directing the customer to the right product from the rich product group.

RUNFILL maintains it’s activity in the sector with production, sale, private-label production and franchising services as a company with keeping it’s corperated identity with the mission of staying for ever and bringing wellness in today’s media with being role-model in this new developing sector.

About Products Private Label Quality Contact

KOSOVO: +383 49 713 388 / +383 44 528 384
TURKIYE: +90 542 793 75 76

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